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Thank you so much for all of the wonderful sessions to date, I definitely would not have made this level of recovery without them and I am forever grateful to you. I can sing praises forever on MAT!

Ilona Mestril (Oak Park)

You are “The Anti-Trainer!” I tell everyone about you… You don’t count reps! You make me think and be more aware of what I am doing. Thanks!

Deb Dworman (Forest Park)

Just a brief note of thanks for your recent help. I wasn’t sure your MAT knowledge and skills were up to the task of actually improving my golf game, but you came through in the clutch. My sore rotator/stiff shoulder issue has now shrunk to a never-you-mind. My full, easy swing is back, and so are the low 80’s. I’d have thought we’d need more than 3 visits to accomplish that – so thanks for the quick results as well.

Harvey Bergholz (Burr Ridge)

I injured my shoulder playing hockey. I had surgery then physical therapy but 1 year later I was still experiencing pain. I read an article in the newspaper about M.A.T. and chronic pain and called Bill to see if he could help me. I have been very pleased with my results!

Leigh Reisberg (Oak Park)

I have worked with Bill in the past and last year, reconnected in order to start training for a 26 mile mountain hike in Peru. I didn't know what MAT was but it was very helpful in fixing my problems (shoulder, neck, back pain and the general aches of being over 40) so that I got the most out of my workouts. I had know idea why Bill had me doing loads of lunges, abs and back stuff from here to eternity until I did 4 days of rocky mountain steps constructed by the Inca people. I made it with flying colors and I would have been the first chick on a donkey being lead off the mountain had I not been prepared. He's the best!

Dana Benigno (Chicago)

Hitting the big "Four-Oh" made me realize that I needed to focus on getting back into shape. Bill took the time to explain MAT and showed me where my strengths and weaknesses are - so I would have a plan, personalized to my goals. Bill is very knowledgeable, and I appreciate his encouragement and motivation.”

Max Rose (Oak Park)

After a couple of months, seeing Bill 2 or 3 times a month, I was able to stop using pain medication. I simply was not having regular pain. ...To date Bill’s use of MAT™ and approach to fitness have helped me lose over 20lbs!

Carolyn Moore (Lake Forrest)

I was experiencing pain on my left hip which radiated down my leg into my foot. After a thorough assessment of my body parts, Bill began to work on strengthening my lower back and hip with isometric exercises. I experienced almost instant relief.

Linda Bliwas (Lake Forrest)

After three months my shoulder is virtually pain free. I am so happy I didn't go through the traditional methods...MAT is great for isolated strains as well as any recurring pain that you just can't seem to shake.

Cathy McBreen (Bannockburn)

I have been working with Bill for over two years and his MAT has definitely improved my strength, agility and balance. My workouts are more successful now and I find I can do activities that I could not do before. I particularity love his focus on isometrics and his idea of holding a position for a fixed duration of time rather than repetitions because this way I know that I am giving each muscle group my all.

Elinor Bayliss (Highland Park)

Training with Bill and his MAT expertise during my pre and post-op hip replacement surgeries has helped make my recoveries speedier and allowed me to return to my active lifestyle healthy and strong.

Gracie Gutmann (Deerfield)

Before meeting Bill, I tried Chiropractic, yoga, Pilates and cortisone / pre-emptive ibuprofen for years... and I was in a near constant state of pain/irritation. It seemed that I was destined to run / play sports at 60% health. It was pretty depressing. To be fair, I would often have a little bit of success... just enough to be encouraged to continue, but I would quickly return to a point of chronic irritation / pain. It is clear to me now (with 4+ years working with Bill / MAT) that before the root issues were not being addressed; whereas with Bill / MAT I have personal evidence that my root issues are being addressed - my proof is the health and balance that I have achieved. I haven't felt this good in 15 years.

Graham Smith (Glen Ellyn)