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Hello I am Bill Busch and I would love to guide you along a path toward a healthy life

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"Doing Something You Love Will Never Be Work"

-Bill Busch

I have devoted more than 25 years to developing the proper methods to help my clients live the life they love without it becoming work. Using proper diet and nutrition, Muscle Activation Techniques™, cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness and a personalized training program, I can help you reduce unwanted bodyfat, improve sports performance, rehabilitate an injury and show you how to love your life once more!

With locations in Chicago and the surrounding areas, coupled with my mobile service, there is no reason for you to not stay true to your goal of improving your health, reducing the amount of body fat, toning that tummy, or improving your stamina.

Are You in PAIN?

Well, I Have Good News For You!

Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™)

I am one of only 400 people in the world currently certified as a Muscle Activation Techniques™ Specialist! Muscle Activation Techniques™ is a revolutionary process for correcting muscular imbalances within the body. This process has dramatically improved the functional capabilities in people of all age groups by providing them with a PAIN FREE LIFESTYLE. Additional benefits include elevating sports performance and career longevity for several professional athletes.

Still Motion Fitness™ Workout

I am the developer of the Still Motion Fitness™ Workout which is a progressive isometric amd movement workout that teaches neuromuscular control and educates you on how to continually assess and improve your muscular system without pain.

Successful and Positive Results

I have trained hundreds of clients since 2005 using MAT™, the revolutionary method of assessing muscular imbalance and have put my clients through thousands of Still Motion Fitness™ Workouts.

Conveniently Located, Your Place or Mine?

Muscle Activation Techniques and a customized Still Motion Fitness™ Workout can be delivered to you in the convenience of your home, at Energy Training Center in Chicago or at Body Dynamics in Westmont


To serve clients with honest, scientifically based health and fitness education to enhance their overall quality of life.


To implement exercise by continually assessing the clients’ needs, goals, neuromuscular ability and structural variations.

Testing Methods

Regular observations of resistance application, progression variables and my detailed attention to the risk and benefit of each exercise prescribed are important to my results.

No matter what the goal, my approach benefits many different areas of Health and Fitness!